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November 27 - December 1, 2013 – Makati City, Philippines





Welcome to the 35th ASEAN Bridge Club Championships (ABCC)


The ABCC is an annual tournament, jointly organized by the NBO’s of the five bridge-playing countries in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN): Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Since the very first such tournament in 1979, the ABCC has been hosted every year by one of these five countries on a rotating basis.


Entries are accepted on a club basis, and not on a national basis. Bona fide players from all bridge clubs in the ASEAN are welcome, regardless of their country of origin. Teams that cut across national boundaries are welcome, and in fact, even encouraged. While ABCC was primarily envisioned as a tournament for bridge players from the ASEAN countries, bridge players from other countries are also welcome to join and participate.


The ABCC comes back to the Philippines, which last hosted the event in 2007. The Philippine Tournament Bridge Association (PTBA) is the NBO for the Philippines, and has hosted ABCC five times in the past (1980, 1988, 1995, 2001 and 2007). This year, the tournament will be held in Makati City, which is the business and commercial center of the Philippines.